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British Back Bacon
British Back Bacon

(aka Proper Bacon)


1.5 lb

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Tails & Trotters British-style back bacon is made from the center portion of our hazelnut finished pork loins.

Trimmed to leave a bit of the deckle on, the loins are brined in a Wiltshire-style brine (named after the town at the epicenter of modern pork production in England in the 18th century, during the Industrial Revolution). After brining the loins are aged for 4-6 weeks to remove moisture and enhance flavor.

Back bacon is a wonderful lean alternative to belly bacon. Quickly sear like a super-thin porkchop and enjoy with eggs, or on a BLT.


Vacuum-packed in bags of 8 slices averaging 1/2lb each. Sold in units of 3 packages (approximately 1.5lbs).

Ships via UPS overnight air.


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