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Marinated Skirt Steaks
Marinated Skirt Steaks

Thai Pesto

Thai Pesto

0.5 lb

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1/2 to 3/4lb pork skirt steaks on a variety of marinades. Skirts require brief searing over high heat on both sides; they will turn tough if cooked past medium-rare.

  • Asada: Classic Mexican marinade of citrus, wheat-free tamari & spices. Perfect for tacos!!
  • Diavolo: Calabrian chili, anise, oregano, garlic & a raft of other spices. Flavorful with a kick!
  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass, palm sugar, shallots, fish sauce & Thai chilis. Banh mi, noodles or rice bowls.
  • Thai Pesto: Thai basil, cilantro, shallot, Thai chilis, lime leaves, ginger, fish sauce & palm sugar.

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